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What clients are saying . . .

  • Maymie C., San Francisco, CA

    I’ve seen Bee for Mercier Therapy. It was really amazing and helped give me back so much pelvic mobility. It also improved my low back stiffness, which I’m sure will help when I plan to pop out babies in the future.

    - Maymie C., San Francisco, CA
  • Alison M., Oakland, CA

    Bee is a kind, loving spirit who obviously loves what she does. I did Mercier Therapy with Bee for 6 sessions. It’s a deep pelvic organ visceral manipulation to help restore movement and blood flow to the reproductive organs to improve fertility. During the first session, it was clear I needed help – every area felt really uncomfortable and tender. I could feel it getting better ever single session then at the last session, everything she did that used to feel painful and uncomfortable actually felt good!! It was hard to believe. I’ve never experienced my body in this way. In addition to being strong and very skilled at what she does, Bee also brings such warmth, care and compassion to each session. She’s been a big source of support and I’m so glad I found her. I highly recommend her.

    - Alison M., Oakland, CA
  • David K., Sacramento, CA

    Bee is simply a delight to work with, and she is an excellent communicator. Bee’s intuitive hands and curious tenacity led her to a thorough review of all aspects of my life. I have never worked with a provider who was so intent on seeing the complete picture of me, and it clearly shaped our sessions in a positive way.  The work I did with Bee has led to significant and permanent changes in how my body functions. As I write this, I am about 2 months out from my last session, and my body continues to heal and shift as it integrates the work I received. I purposefully waited to write my review in order to assess what my body would do with it over time. I received 3 sessions of Mercier therapy and a full series of NMR over the course of 2-3 months. The effects of the treatments were astounding. I had been dealing with some very serious injuries to my hip and rib cage over the last ten years. I have benefited in my healing from many other modalities including acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, and yoga. And while I made many strides using those and other treatments, Bee opened healing doors for me that would not have been possible any other way. The Mercier therapy was a revelation, uncovering scar tissue and dysfunction that I didn’t even know was there. The NMR has shifted my gait and my posture, and I have been walking with ease for the first time in 15 years.  If you have a complex issue and feel like you may never fully recover or have reached a plateau, I would not hesitate to make an appointment with Bee.

    - David K., Sacramento, CA
  • Rosanne P., East Bay, CA

    One of the best massages I’ve ever received!  Bee is a wonderful massage therapist.  I admire her kind personality, calming energy and firm touch.  She is a great communicator and always made sure I was comfortable.  She knew exactly how to relieve the tension in my upper back.  I also enjoyed the work she did on my feet, arms and legs.  I walked away feeling very relaxed and light – like weight had been lifted off my shoulders!  Bee’s positive energy and healing hands make me want to come back again.  I highly recommend Beelight!

    - Rosanne P., East Bay, CA
  • Brandi W., Walnut Creek, CA

    Bee is absolutely one of the best massage therapists around. After having gone (literally) years without a massage, she brought me back to the wonderful world of bodywork with a firm yet comforting session that made me feel like I was glowing from the inside out.

    Her medium pressure was simply perfect. I always feel nervous with a new therapist, but she hit all the right spots. Here I sit, feeling light as a feather, ready to take on the world.

    She worked my back, shoulders, neck, arms and legs, focusing mainly on the tension in my upper body as I had requested. When it was over, I didn’t even want to get dressed. I felt like melted (vegan) butter. The coconut oil used moisturized my skin and didn’t feel gooey or sticky like lotion.

    I enjoyed some delicious macadamias and a cup of ginger tea following my full body massage, a perfect ending to an hour of heaven. I truly feel like a queen right now.

    Self care should be high on everyone’s list of priorities, but I think it tends to get lost in the hectic shuffle of work, duties, responsibilities. I highly recommend taking a moment to book an appointment with Bee. The human touch can be so incredibly therapeutic. Treat your inner God or Goddess. Because we all deserve a little pampering now and then.

    - Brandi W., Walnut Creek, CA
  • Amy M., San Rafael, CA

    Bee’s healing is intuitive.  She asked me what my challenged areas are, but she just seems to know before I answer.  Bee’s office is warm and comfy and accompanied with her delightful personality and her amazing touch is what keeps me coming back.

    If you want a great massage, are working on fertility or anything else for that matter, I’d check out Beelight.  You will be so glad that you did. I’ve seen many therapists over the years and not one could come close to match the positive energy Bee exudes.  She heals not only with her hands, but through her energy.

    - Amy M., San Rafael, CA
  • Davina C. – San Francisco, CA

    Bee has a wonderful, intuitive touch.  I went to see her for a pregnancy massage and she honed right in on all the sore spots, unwinding kinks and knots that I’ve had for years.  With her expertise working on pregnant clients, she made me (and the baby!) feel safe and comfortable the whole time–not the easiest thing at 8 months!  I left feeling so relaxed and refreshed.  I will definitely be back.

    - Davina C. – San Francisco, CA
  • Maryellen O., San Anselmo, CA

    I had a massage from Bee last week and it was wonderful!! She started off as most massage therapists do, asking me about concerns etc. And I was very interested in a nurturing massage, nothing spectacular. I have a few hot spots, warned her about those, but was just open to a nice massage.
    Well, it was so much more than that! With the lovely music in the background (including birds sounds), she went to work on my body.
    It was wonderful!! Her touch was just right, she did amazing things with my arms and feet (and I am a seasoned receiver of massages, never had that kind of work done on my arms and hands), her work on my back was just right. No pain, just sheer joy. I would highly recommend getting a massage from her, and I will certainly do it again myself!

    - Maryellen O., San Anselmo, CA

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